World Food Photo 5 – Trimming the Vines in Burgundy

The wines of Burgundy don’t make themselves. Other than the harvest (vendanges) spring is the one of the busiest times of year in this ancient capital of wine and the work done at this early stage of the year is vital to the rest of the years production. At almost 10 cm a day the growth of the vines, at this time of year, is unforgiving. Each vine must be cut to produce the amount of juice that respects the strict guidelines of the local AOC. In weeks from now the tight lines and russet earth of Burgundy will be invisible under heavy foliage. Now is the time vigneron have the best access to the shoots that will produce a crop to satisfy their hopes that 2011 will not just be a good year, but a great year in the Cote D Or’.

This image is part of a collection of World Food Photos I am putting together to showcase the variety of food we consume around the world.


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  1. I remembered days of old.
    I lived my childhood at the vineyards.
    But we do not make wine.
    Dry grapes are grown. thanks

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