World Food Photo 3 – Tripe Tacos in Mexico

Having ridden my bicycle and enjoyed local food in over 35 countries, a question I often get asked is ‘where is the best food in the world? The answer never gets easier. After all, what we eat plays such an integral part in all of our daily lives that it is often more than just taste that plays a part in a perfect meal. Smell, texture, location, company and coincidence,  all contribute. Whether it be steaming dim sum on a freezing morning in Yunnan province China or a juicey tripe taco dripping with home made salsa in a frantic market in central Mexico local food is almost always good.

This photo was taken in such a market while cycling in Mexico in 2006. The man in the picture hacked away at grilled coils of cows intestine while his wife steamed hand pressed tortillas. Tripe isn’t something we eat very much these days in the UK but in Mexico it is still a treat and these were some of the best tacos I have ever tasted.

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