World Food Photo 2 – Tea in Taiwan

Each month this year I will be selecting a World Food Photo from my travels. This months photo comes from cycle touring around Taiwan in 2009.
Cutting through the steep hillsides and verdant tea plantations of PingLin is hot, hard work. The undulating coutryside and searing heat make for challenging cycling but also ensure that PingLin grows some of the best tea in the world.
I stopped to meet local tea farmer, Mr Chi at his Boa Chung plantation. As we sipped small bowls of aromatic green tea he insisted it would not only make me beautiful but also aid my digestion.
Either way, it proved the perfect antidote from a sweat-drenched morning's ride. 

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  1. What a fortuitous post. I was thinking about writing on my rides and recent trip up to the Lugu tea farms. I now have reason. When I am done I will link to this page. Thanks!

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