Working The Burgundy Grape Harvest


  • Burgundian & French Recipes

    Other than the blistered hands, knackered shoulder, mud, rain and early starts one of the best things about working the Burgundy grape harvest is the food. The French being the French take their lunch breaks very seriously. Lunch ‘on the goR...

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  • Burgundy Harvest Gallery

    Waking at dawn, working in all weathers and for little pay,  picking grapes is dirty back-breaking work but my two weeks working the Burgundian grape harvest were two of the happiest I can remember. The landscape was breathtaking. The food was class...

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  • Burgundy Harvest Portraits

    From the Romans to Cistercian Monks, for thousands of years people from all over Europe have gathered in Burgundy for the annual grape harvest. Today whether they be locals looking for a holiday, English cyclists, students studying viticulture or tra...

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