What do Gourmet Cycling Guides Eat?

So after a slow winter of licking my wounds and darning my lycra another summer of gastronomic cycling holidays awaits. Tomorrow morning I make my way to in Italy for some pedal-powered food adventures guiding gastronomic cycling holidays with DuVine Adventures. Full of truffle and Barolo I will then head back to Burgundy where I will be based for the rest of summer.

Leading cycling holidays in Burgundy guarantees some good eating and the wine isn’t bad either. Cycling in this historic landscape I will be refueling daily on Coq eu Vin, gougère, Époisses and Jambon Persillé to name a few. It will be a delicious summer of cycling and eating but I am alos curious to see how my Eating the Year 366 project will develop.  Taking a photo of something I eat every day this year its has been fascinating watching what I eat on a daily basis as well as trying to make it look interesting in a photograph.

So far the year has been doted with Finish liquorice, Quebecois maple syrup, ceviche and a few bacon sandwiches. Keep an eye on the blog to see how my diet develops.

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