Vintage Pashley Tandem

Ok, Ok Im just replacing the word old with vintage so it adds a little value to what is otherwise an old third hand bicycle, but Im still stoked because last week my ever growing family of bicycles took on a new sibling. 

As well as a Thorn Raven for heavy duty tours; a 1978 Charlon Raleigh Single Speed (vintage) for 'tarting' about town in summer; a racing green Balmoral Hercules (old) for rolling to and from the pub; a Gold Molton Midi that a large gangster offered me £100 for because he thought it was 'well bling' and a light weight Trek 1000 that Im not sure why I own, I am know the proud owner of postbox-red Pashley Tourmaster Tandem with white fenders. 

It is certainly old, Im not sure if it vintage, but either way I am very fond of her. Taking her out in town on Friday, alone, she brought smiles to the faces of many and drew heckles of 'she's fallen off mate' from every White Van Man that rolled past me. 


I did in the end fond a good 'stoker' to help power me around town in the fine shape of Helen Hokin of Food and Travel Magazine and we spent a fine day eating and pedalling our way around the West End.

Next weekend to celebrate the clocks going back Im taking her (the tandem that is) on a ride to Brighton. For future pedal powered epicurean trips if you fancy being my stokers do get in touch.

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  1. richard

    i wouldn’t fit. i’m ‘kin huge dude.

  2. I love this two seats bike, its look fantastic with it amazing design. but I did not find that stand?

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