Top 10 Most Important Items On A Bike Tour : Bicycle Touring Pro

As I hurriedly pack a couple of bags for a week of cycling and eating in Taiwan, I have been reminded of the joys and agonies of what to take when you hit the road for a cycling trip.  Like a jockey desperately trying to shed the pounds before a big ride, every thing that goes into you panniers is questioned for weight and necessity. 

"Do I really need my watercolors?"

"How many t shirts does a cyclist need?"

"Should I really be ripping unwanted pages from guide books?"

"Is it necessary to cut the handle off my toothbrush?"

Perhaps the the last two examples are a little extreme, but packing for a cycle tour takes time, consideration and ruthlessness. But don't panic there is plenty of advice out there on what to take and what not to take, and Bicycle Touring Pro is a great place to start. 

The link below gives you The Bicycle Touring Pro Top Ten items to take on a tour, and to see what I took on my first tour click here.

  • Top 10 Most Important Items On A Bike Tour : Bicycle Touring Pro
  • The Hungry Cyclist original kit list
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