The Wanderer – What’s so great about Britain? 3: The Bicycle Culture

Well tickle me pink! The Wonderer has added bicycle culture to his hit list of things that make Britain Great. Yup, as well as country pubs and The London Underground, our love of cycling and its growing popularity have flicked The Wanderers switch.

This is fine news indeed. Normally this kind if praise is heaped upon bike loving cities such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen. The future is bright friends…

The Wanderer » Blog Archive » What’s so great about Britain? 3: The bicycle culture.

The city is awash with bikes. They stand chained in ranks outside Tube and railway stations, and hang in heavy locks on railings in streets of terraced houses. The roads at rush hour are filled with quiet figures, slipping past like wraiths, red LED lights blinking from under saddles, chains whirring, tyres thrumming …


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  1. richard

    yet still we’re a second class citizen because we dare to clog up the roads on “effing bikes”
    ah well i guess its a start

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