The Tweed Run Comes To Town

Are you a Lycra lout?

As a BBC TV documentary aired last week has provoked outrage amongst London cyclists after labeling them “lycra louts” what better way to prove the BBC wrong than taking part in this years tweed run.

The Tweed Run will be setting off from Central London at midday, on a 12 mile route passing the Tate Britain, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Savile Row, Kensington Gardens, St Paul’s and ending with a 'bit of a knees-up' in the City of London. Money raised on the ride will be going to help Bikes4Africa and proper attire is expected.

Tweed suits, plus fours, bowties, cycling capes, and jaunty flat caps are all encouraged so throw away your moth balls, dust off your tweeds and lets show those meat-faced no-gooders behind Top Gear that cycling is the future and 'lycra louts' are nothing more than a fantasy.

Alas the chances are I will be cycling into Tibet come April 10th, but fear not I will be donning the finest attire the region has to offer and posting images here.

  Tweed run

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