The Solar Cycle Diaries

This morning I rode north from Tooting towards City Hall, the nerve centre of our great city. This wasn't just an excuse to get out of the house and stretch my legs, no I was joining a strong crowd their to send off The SolarCycle DiariesToday is EU Solar Day and Susie Wheeldon, Jamie Vining and Iain Henderson began a 12,000 mile ride around the world. Together they will take on searing hot deserts, snow-capped mountain ranges, frustrating punctures, all while highlighting ways we can work together to combat climate change. In particular, they will demonstrate the potential for solar energy to provide a sustainable solution to global energy needs. Posing with our Latin warbling Major, Boris Johnston the team were kitted out with the very finnest biking gear money can buy. All courtesy of mobile phone giant Nokia. 

As well as new lycra, Thorn Ravens, cycle computers and shiny pedals each bike was fitted with thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar panels custom built into their panniers by G24 Innovations. These will apparently demonstrate how solar energy can be used to power all of their kit and Nokia’s state of the art mobile phones so  their 9 month expedition can be tracked in real time on their blog, twiiter, face book and every other socail networking site. I wish them well on their quest and only hope that all their technology allows them to beam back some tatsy recipes from the road.




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