The Hungry Cyclist Wheel of Approval

I love to eat and I love to ride my bicycle. In the last few years I have clocked-up tens of thousands of kilometers and eaten some of the very best food the world has to offer. I hope all these years of pedal-powered culinary exploration have ensured that my taste-buds have become as well-honed as my prominent calves. In order to share the very best of my food-finds I have set up the The Hungry Cyclist Wheel of Approval, an award given to those who provide, what I believe to be exceptional food.

From back-street noodle bars to sweaty truck-stops, roadside taco-stands to decedent bistros, hidden pubs to ice cream parlous, local markets to Michelin Stars; anyone sharing their passion for food is eligible for an award and on this page you can read about the places and people I believe deserve a Hungry Cyclist Wheel of Approval.

Do you know a place that needs a WOA? Get in touch today