The Hungry Cyclist Wants a Bike Burrito

Little Donkey, Little Donkey, on a dusty road…

Don't panic, don't panic The Hungry cyclist is not following the trend of most British high streets by flogging Christmas as soon as the Easter eggs have been sold at half price. No, today I want to tell you about Bike Burritos.

Bike burrito

Introduced to me by my good friends at The Epicurean Cyclist this simple invention not only looks superb but is highly practical. The Bike Burrito is a  twist on the classic bike tool roll. But like no other tool roll out there The Burrito is designed to carry your bike essentials in style! Patterns include tweeds, plaids, quirky patterns, all lined with a long lasting canvas interior. Handmade in the US they are the perfect gift or must have for any fashion conscious cyclist who wants to carry those bare essentials and look good. As cycling fashion takes of here in London I have no doubt bike burritos will be shipping themselves over the pond before I finish this post and being a dedicated follower of fashion myself  I have my mind set on a rather jazzy retro version for my 1960's Pashely Tandem.

Bike burroto 2  

But before you rush off and buy your loved one a BB here is a little more about burritos. The exact translation is little donkey, but a burrito is more commonly known as the Mexican culinary classic of a flour tortilla stuff with goodness. The humble burrito came into its own in the late 19th century. With oil and gold being discovered in California and North Mexico, Mexican laborers needed a lunch that would be filling, cheap and that they could carry to work. Along came the burrito. A large flour tortilla (a corn tortilla has the wrong texture to be stretched and wrapped) that could be stuffed with left overs such as refried beans, cheese, avocado, chicken and cilantro, rolled up and taken down the mine for a hard days digging. During the 1930's and The Great Depression this cheap filling and practical meal became popular all over California with all those looking for value for money and stomach and today it is as part of American culinary culture as pizza, hot dogs and burgers. Here is a recipe should you want to make a burrito of your own that you can pack in your panniers with your bike burrito for all those short summer tours you will be making.

Great Beef Burrito Recipe

Burrito 3

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