The Hungry Cyclist in Hyde Park

The 2nd of February saw London and most of the UK come to a sliding, slipping stand still. With the snow continuing to fall traffic stopped, buses failed to leave their depots and airports closed. But with London covered in a blanket of snow I wheeled out my heavy-duty touring bike, built for days like this, and made a bee line for Hyde Park and central London. 

The streets were quite, almost Dickensian and although it made treacherous cycling I made it to the park and teamed up with my friends at Stamp Productions. Families built snow men, fathers through snowballs at their kids and while the news readers cried chaos most just seemed to take a well earned Monday off work and had some good old fashioned fun. Below are two videos we put together of our afternoon in the snow that finished in one of my favorite cheap west London eateries, The Stick and Bowl.

The HC in London from STAMP Productions on Vimeo.

The Stick and Bowl from STAMP Productions on Vimeo.

Well the the snow has almost melted now, and London seems to be covered in a diesel flavored Slush Puppy. But if the weathermen are to trusted there is more on the way. Either way our little 'dump', that brought London to a sliding halt, reminded of a favorite quote by the late great May West.

'I used to be snow white – but I drifted'

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  1. Amazing how the UK ground to a halt and everyone took a day or two off work/school. That doesn’t happen where I now live; everyone just carries on. A pity, that!

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