The Hungry Cyclist Book

The Hungry Cyclist: Pedalling the Americas for the Perfect Meal, is the intriguing culinary travelogue of my bicycle from New York City to Rio de Janeiro in search of the perfect meal.

Unfit, under-prepared and going the wrong, I turned my back on a career in advertising, said goodbye to my friends and family and packed up my panniers for the ultimate pedal-powered gastronomic adventure. Quickly having to adapt to life on the road, long days in saddle and short nights in my tent, I slowly but surely followed my dream of unearthing the culinary highs and lows of the Americas. Becoming a slave to the hectic agenda of food, breakfast lunch and dinner become my only significant appointments as I kept my wheels turning through the Americas.

Pedalling on my stomach and surviving on my wits, my bicycle carried me from the culinary Mecca of New York City to the wilds of the Canadian Rockies; from the deserts of Mexico to coffee covered mountains of Colombia. Over the snow covered passes of the Andes and into the mosquito infested waters of the Amazon. With a love of food as my calling-card, and my bicycle as a Trojan horse, I journeyed behind the scenes of the rarely documented reality of American cuisine. BBQs with New Jersey gangsters and dinner dates with beauty queens. Moose burgers with lumberjacks and traditionally smoked salmon with Native American chiefs, mind twisting Mexican mushrooms and tacos with truck drivers, butchering guinea pigs and chewing Armadillo stew, my determination and appetite for adventure took me to authentic and seldom visited places.

In the course of two and a half years, a journey that began as a pedal-powered quest for the perfect meal becomes a personal journey into the hearts and homes of the people of the Americas and the colourful characters I encountered en-root are as mouth-watering as the food I shared with them, while in between meals, I let my readers in on the surprises, fears and observations of an Englishman pedalling alone in far- off places.

Packed with entertaining stories and unusual recipes The Hungry Cyclist takes the reader on a page turning and at times irreverent bike ride into the heart of the Americas that will appeal to food lovers, cyclists, armchair adventurers and anyone with an interest in discovering the true nature adventure and life on the road.

‘A glorious account of the extra miles we will go to secure the meal of our dreams.’
Jon Snow
‘An epic adventure packed with wild eating and delicious flavours – a lovely read.’
Thomasina Miers
‘An all-you-can-eat ride-by buffet through lands the bike forgot.’
Tim Moore
‘I’m not sure whether I’m more impressed by Tom going solo through some of the world’s most notorious bandit country, or for getting hungry enough to eat a guinea pig.’
John McCarthy