The Epicurean Cyclist: EC on CBC / Food vs. Goo

Like a unstoppable bush fire, it seems the cycling and eating debate has raged on over the weekend. After Fridays' Guardians' piece Cycling Food: Eating or Refueling the posts and comments boxes on cycling and food blogs have been abuzz with talk of gears and gastronomy and here is a delicious post from one of my favorites out there The Epicurean Cyclist.

The Epicurean Cyclist: EC on CBC / Food vs. Goo.

'Some of my greatest memories of being on tour are inextricably tied to food. Having a cone of Bubblegum flavored Tillamook ice-cream for breakfast in Oregon, eating nearly a pound of fresh oysters and salmon at camp in Reedsport, drinking fresh brews at Pizza Port on the Southern California coast, eating arguably some of the best Belgian Waffles of my life at the Filling Station in Orange, having the thickest juiciest slices of bacon at Hoover's Beef Palace during the Great Western Bike Rally in Paso…the list goes on.'

This man clearly loves his grub and his disciples have also added some great comments too. One from twodeadpoets drops in some fascinating thoughts and facts about the direct links between the energy bars some of us chew on today and the role of food in war. I found this comment particularly interesting. As Napoleon said 'an army marches on its stomach' and it was indeed the French, the self anointed guardians of gastronomy that gave the world the tin can, or canister developed so Boney's army could march further on tinned supplies.


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