The Bridge Is Down – Video Post from Cycling In Laos

As Europe seemingly grinds to a halt after a few inches of snow, here in Laos I am bathed in sunshine. But the weather can turn bad here too and in the rainy season the monsoon is a powerful adversary. Farm land is flooded, homes destroyed and roads are washed away. The power of the rains swells rivers and bridges that once linked communities are often washed away leaving areas isolated for months. Lack of funding often means repairs are never made, as I discovered while cycling in the hills north of Pakse.

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  1. Hiya tom, I hope all’s well and that you had a good christmas – on the road?
    good luck for 2010 – onwards and upwards eh xx

  2. tea in oxford

    Hi Tom
    Read your Americas book over Christmas and really liked it. Congratulations! Now found you’re on the road again so I’ll be following the blog avidly. The best of luck to you on the journey. Heavy snow here in many parts of the UK so my own bikes are safely tucked up in the garage.

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