The Art of Travel Film Making by Benedict Allen

Benedict Allen, author, explorer, filmmaker and motivational speaker is a tough act to follow. Best known for his arduous expeditions to remote corners of the globe,  in twenty years he has established himself as one of Britain’s most prominent explorers.

But as well as leading the way in what he does for a living, Mr Allen has also pioneered how he shares his experiences through self-filming of authentic journeys for television. By not relying on a film-crew, he has allowed millions of people around the world to witness for the first time adventures unfolding genuinely in inhospitable terrain and this is a true art. Busy taking in as many of BA”s clips before I go to South East Asia, if I can send back anything close to the quality of is footage frommy camera I will be happy.

“To me exploration isn’t about conquering natural obstacles, planting flags… It’s not about going where no one’s gone before in order to leave your mark, but about the opposite of that – about making yourself vulnerable, opening yourself up to whatever’s there and letting the place leave its mark on you.”

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