Stopping For Lunch In Laos – Video Post

‘Lunch is for whimps!”

Glad that my chosen form of work doesn’t involve munching a triple-pack sandwich in front of a computer machine, I take my lunch very seriously. As well as a chance to rest and refuel it also provides and opportunity to get away from the fierce midday heat. However on the back roads of Laos finding somewhere that serves food is often hard. Stopping when and where you can this video shows what a typical Laos roadside restaurant looks like. Family run and serving steaming bowls of fresh noodle soup they are a live saver.

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  1. Tom – I’ve just enjoyed an hour long catch up of your blog in Adana, Turkey. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Would love to watch the vıdeo but the Turkısh Government recently banned youtube so I wıll have to waıt untıl I reach Syrıa ın a couple of days. On that note, any suggestıons for Syrıan delıcacıes?
    Keep pedalıng and hope to see you somewhere near the end of your journey.

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