A Simple Shacshuka

Israeli men are a modest bunch, but if there is one dish each one will claim he can make perfectly it is Shacshuka. A simple one pot meal, made using simple ingredients found in every kitchen. Working food it is a staple among the countries young military and a famed hangover cure. If you are ever lucky enough to be in Tel Aviv, be sure to a pay a visit to Doctor
Shakshuka in Jaffa. 

1. Heat oil in a large pan or heavy skillet and sweat the garlic and onion.

2. Add the tomatoes, chilli, cumin and salt and pepper to taste, stir gently and cook for 20 minutes on a slow heat. 

3. Use a wooden spoon to make eight little wells in the sauce, break the eggs one at a time, and drop gently into the tomato sauce arranging each egg evenly around the pan. The idea is to poach each egg perfectly in the tomato sauce. 

4. Cover the pan and continue to cook on a gentle heat until the egg whites set. 

5. Server with plenty of crusty bread to mop up the sauce and garnish with fresh, chopped parsley


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  1. Looks tasty! I made something just like this only with meatballs in, it was a Moroccan recipe from Rick Steins Mediterranean escapes.
    I saw you got a mention in the CTC newsletter today, cool!

  2. Shacshuka
    I find Shacshuka to be not only a dish, in my day to day Israeli life. But more like a state of the Israeli mind.
    that it is ok to mix everything together,
    and let it boil down.
    then we add some Eggs :)
    we call it, the “Shacshuka method”.
    every Israeli has his/her own way
    eating is Israel is the best thing here
    come and see eat and cycle Israel with me http://www.biketour.co.il

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