Rocky Mountain Oysters

Splitting open your first testicle brings tears to your eyes, even if it’s not one of your own. But preparing this cowboy delicaey while cycling in Montana I had no choice. 

Calves testicles otherwise known as Rocky Mountain oysters, or Prairie Oysters, are tidy little bags quite a bit bigger than my own and the whole process was uncomfortably close to home. I had to make a delicate incision through the tough skin-like membrane that surrounded each ball before removing what lay inside from its pouch.  Slicing the sac’s pink contents, through the middle I dipped them in a little egg yolk, coated each in flour and dropped my balls into a hot skillet of vegetable oil that was spitting on the grill.
 Here is a recipe so you can cook your own testicles

• 1killo of fresh calf’s testicles 
• 2 cans of beer 
• 1 cups flour 
• Half a cup of milk 
• 2 pinches of salt 
• Ground black pepper 
• 2 pinches of garlic salt 
• Half a cup of milk 
• One cup of vegetable oil 

1. Using a sharp knife split the tough skin-like muscle that surrounds each "oyster" and removes the testicle from within. 

2. Place your testicles in a deep bowl and cover them with beer. Leave to sit for at least two hours. 

3 .Now combine the flour, a pinch of garlic salt, salt and ground black pepper and mix through. Remove each testicle form the beer and while still damp roll them in the flour mix until covered on all sides. 

4. Heat your oil in a deep skillet, seasoned with a little hot sauce or some dry chilli. Drop in your oysters and fry them for a couple of minutes on each side until golden brown. 

5. Leave them to cool on a bed of paper napkins and then enjoy them with a cold beer and a little chilli sauce for dipping. 

* Be sure to ask your butcher for calf testicles, not bull testicles. Calf testicles are the size of a walnut and are much more tender than the larger bull testicles which can be a bit of a mouthful.


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  1. Good Lord. I think you’re the bravest man I know.
    Happy cycling!

  2. Brave or stupid – there is a fine line my dad tells me.
    Love the blog

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