Red or Black Lycra?

With my morning taking on somewhat of a fashionable theme here is something a little more frivolous that invaded my in box this morning. 

It would be impossible to discuss cycling fashion without mentioning the dreaded 'L' word. Yup Lycra! There is a time and a place for Lycra. Trailing Lance Armstrong over the Alps justifies it, wearing it hidden under a pair of normal shorts is valid, but if you were wondering what color to choose I hope these two images help you make your mind up.



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  1. Oh Dear…
    I’ve just spluttered my afternoon tea and buttered scones all over my keyboard.
    How awful…

  2. Hmm, time to think again about the fashion aspect of Lycra perhaps.

  3. Just spotted that the boys in red are from Poland – not that I looking too hard.
    Perhaps in Poland red Lycra is OK. Either way those Poles sure know how to strut their stuff.

  4. In the words of Bart Simpson – those shorts leave nothing to the imagination. Eek.

  5. harrie

    god, lyrca for men should just be BANNED. but out of the choices, defnitely the black. the red shows *everything* – it’s horrible! maybe the poles wanted to show their poles….

  6. harrie

    and often for women too – just keep it in tights and the odd fitted top/skirt.

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