What Equipment for Recording Your Bicycle Tour?

Media Media Media…

Having just had a little peep on Mark Beaumont’s blog from the Americas I was left impressed and in awe not just of his tanned thighs and high speeds, but also the host of gadgetry he is taking on board as he records his journey from Alaska to Argentina.

Picture 3

Mark Beaumont’s impressive flight deck.

In todays modern media world it seems that for an adventure to be a success it must be recorded and followed on various gizmos and then broadcast on numerous media platforms. Whereas in days of old adventures and explorers were lucky if they could send or receive a letter from a friendly embassy, or record what they were seeing with pen and paint, today you can fire information through the ether in seconds. 

It’s impressive stuff. Todays modern adventurers and explorers can Tweet in the wilds of Alaska. Record and send video from a tent up mountain. Podcast in a canoe, photograph while hang gliding, type missives that can be sent in seconds and record routes and maps on GPS systems. But what is it all for? Is all this media harvesting in what travel is all about?

In the same way that Victorian explorers were funded by wealthy sponsors who then took a cut in published articles and books, the modern day journeyman has to pay for his endeavors and one of the best ways to earn on the road is through content. Video, photos, words and podcast can be added to websites with relative ease anywhere on the planet. If the content is good, the traffic is good and if you have good traffic you can make money! Either through cost per click advertising, sponsorship or selling other products such as books and lectures.

But alas its not really that simple. Competition is steep and collecting all this good content takes time and the equipment can be expensive, heavy and complicated. This creates its own problems. Any cycle tourist will tell you weight is everything and chargers and gadgets all add up. Flashing expensive gear around in poor countries can also lead to trouble and extreme weather conditions and gadgetry don’t often get on. So what id the solution?

When I cycle tour I try and keep and keep it simple.  On a trip through the Americas I took a journal, a pen, a Kodak Camera, paints and a sketch pad. But times have moved on and in the two years since returning from Brazil I have researched and gathered together a media kit that I think works well for cycle touring. Alas, without any TV companies or impressive sponsors most of the gear has been sourced second hand on Ebay. But one mans junk is another mans treasure and here are the links reviews of  the recording equipment I will be taking up the Mekong. 

Click on the links below to find out more. 

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