Rajas con Huevos. Chiles with Eggs

Chopping chilies is hot dangerous work which I found out to my peril while working for a day in a Cemita Shop in Puebla. (Pueblan sandwich shop).

Sweating in the busy heat of the kitchen all it took was one careless rubbing of the eyes and I was blinded and left sobbing like a teenage girl at the end of Titanic, much to the amusement of the giggling girls working in the kitchen. While doing my best not wipe the tears from my eyes to I was put to work chopping over 6 kilos of chilies for the Rajas con Huevos. Rajas are the spicy side salads that are found at most taco stands and comedors all over Mexico and they provide a well needed flavored boost to an otherwise bland meal. Here is the recipe for the rajas that left me crying like a baby.

1. Add the all the chilies and onion to a large pan with half a cup of oil and soften over a low heat.

2. While cooking turn through so all the chilies and onion are soft and sweated.

3. Turn of the heat and immediately break the eggs into the pan. Keep mixing until the eggs have cooked with the heat of the chilies.

4. Leave to cool and mix through the chopped coriander.

Use to spice your sandwiches or as a tangy side dish with cold meats and chicken.

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  1. Sounds like a great dish. And I know the feeling of chillies in eyes. Yee-ouch. I did it once and had to stand in the shower for close to an hour. Almost called for an ambulance.

  2. .hmmessage P
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    you need to be careful not to touch the old man after this dish too  - that realy brings tears to your eyes

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