The Mekong River Journals

In late 2009 I embarked on a ten month bike ride up the Mekong River in South East Asia. The Mekong is one of the world’s great rivers. From its humble beginnings, high in the mountains of the Tibetan plateau, it flows some 3000 miles, snaking its way through South East Asia, before reaching its conclusion in the South China Sea. As ever food was at the heart of this journey and using the river as the structure for my trip, I explored the vital role this fascinating waterway plays in the culinary culture and everyday existence of the people of South East Asia. Travelling light, with nothing more than my tent, hammock and a few essential tools and supplies, I left the steamy neon-lit streets of Saigon and cycled upstream towards China. Blogging, capturing video and snapping photos as I went the link below links to all the posts from my trip.

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