Cycling In Central America – Gallery

Cycle touring is a way of travel is perfectly suited to small back roads away from the noise and confusion of major thoroughfares but I was fast learning that in Central America the cyclist has no choice but hug the dirty, busy highways that these countries survive on. Forced to share the road with ancient diesel-belching trucks speeding their cargo south to Panama, noisy busses blasting their horns at you to get out of the way, Pick-up trucks stuffed with passengers swerving in front of you to pick up even more customers, tired horses pulling dilapidated carts loaded with produce and crazed dogs that burst out of nowhere to dig their teeth into your panniers, I was at the bottom of the food chain. Making hot frustrating cycling, I had nowhere else to go and felt like I was gong nowhere. I continuality glanced down at my apparently stationary cycle computer and t seemed that for however much effort I exerted the border with Nicaragua simply wouldn’t get any closer.

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