Cycling & Eating The Mosel – Day 4

Mettlach –Saarbrücken

After a night of heavy rain and a heavy German breakfast, I left the river Saar behind me and was soon cycling in the shadows of dense forests that blanketed the landscape. Without the river to follow it was back to the map for navigation, but getting my bearings I was soon making good time up and down the steep hills to lake Bostalsee, for an introduction to the future of cycling.

As the popularity of cycling grows, Saarland Tourism are keen to make sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the joys of riding a bike in this beautiful corner of Europe. But what about those who don’t quite have the leg power to get up the steep hills? Bring on E Velo Saarland.
Importing a fleet of electric bicycles from Switzerland, anyone can now enjoy cycling in Saarland and I couldn’t wait to get going. Powered by a small battery and with simple controls the E Velo simply adds a well needed boost to your pedalling when the going gets tough.

As if a magic hand was giving a helpful push I cruised the hills of Saarland following the quiet cycle paths along forest track and past meadows of wild flowers. Without so much as breaking a sweat, I stopped in the small villages where beer gardens welcomed the thirsty cyclist, and what better cycling snack is there than a salted pretzel and cold beer?

The paths continued through rolling fields of corn and past small farms, and pedalling for Saarbrücken with a little help from my battery. My last day in cycling and eating in Germany could not have been easier and dining on braised veal cheeks washed down with a fruity Auxerrois at Le Noir restaurant in Saarbruken, I toasted the joys of cycling and eating in this stunning corner of Germany.