Cycling & Eating In Northern Laos – Photo Gallery

Having just cycled into Yunnan in Southern China I have been able to make some time and upload some photographs from Northern Laos. This far north the Mekong is at her wildest and the languid river that meandered through Cambodia and Southern Laos began to become narrow and fast moving. This does not stop the locals here making the most of this natural waterway. As I cycled along the river from Vientiane, through Luang Prabang and along the border with Burma I was able to witness first hand how important the Mekong is to the people of Laos. Whether washing, swimming, fishing, panning for gold or simply getting from A to B the ‘riverine’ life of Northern Laos is fascinating and delicious and I hope these images give you some idea of what it looks and tastes like.  Click images below to see each image in a lightbox.

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