Photos From London’s World Naked Bike Ride

Oh the joys of a sunny Saturday in Central London. instead of lazing outside a boozer and sucking the Pimms out of strawberries I took to the streets naked for London's Naked Bike Ride. 

London naked bike Ride

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  1. Wow! Those are some crazy photos. Don’t you feel a bit wrong snapping photos of people in the nude? I don’t think I could do it. haha! At least not with them looking in my direction.
    The photo of the “bow tie” is my favorite. R-Rated, but hilarious! Were there any pictures of you in there? What happened to that?

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    darren – i would not publish nude pics of strangers without putting one of myself in the mix. being an english gent an all…
    glad you enjoyed the snaps – it was a great day!
    bring on the interview too. i will get back with more coherence tomorrow 

    Tom Kevill-Davies 

    The Hungry Cyclist – Pedalling The World For The Perfect Meal 

    t. 0789 621 5282
  3. Helen

    Great pics – I was there – fabulous day, helen (London)

  4. I stumbled across it with my friend and our two eleven year olds in high holborn. I went from complete disbelief, to admiration to wanting to join you all next year. I was SO impressed by the sheer numbers and the mixture of people and yes the range of all ages, shapes and sizes. It was a real two fingers up at the establishment but celebratory and empowering too. I laughed and cheered with the best of them and thank you (once the intial surprise wore of)for making my day!! it also sparked a really good conversation with the children (who have suddenly hit that nude is rude thing they do at puberty) but i think it helped them realise too that all shapes are ok

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