Photos From A Coracle and Canoe Trip in Sussex

As I dedicate more and more time to planning my pedal powered trip along The Mekong river, it was time last week for some time away from the computer and on the water. And what better way to get in the mood for following one of the worlds great rivers than a small adventure in Sussex with Nick Weston from The Treehouse Diaries.

Nick is living in a forrest in Sussex and having built a coracle from hazel and canvas his plan was to take his vessel from the woods to the sea. In order to document the trip and provide a back up I tagged along in a canoe. The Ooze and Cuckmeer may not host the exotic charms of the Mekong but this short trip provided a perfect opportunity to travel slowly along a river and try out my poncho and hammock. Here are some photos from a glorious few days messing about in a boat in the English countryside and eating wild food.


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