Performance by Mc Spandex – Side Splitting Cycling Video

Unshaven beings in skinny jeans riding day glow single speeds are ten a penny in London these days. Originally scooting around the back streets of Hoxton and Hackney they can now be seen as far afield as oppulent West London. Cycling fashion has truley landed and these stylist of the saddle are the antiphasis of the lycra-clad Power Rangers who they share our streets with. The work of genius below explains this style paradox perfectly.

'It's all about performance, that's the name of the game, I pump up my fork and I polish my frame. It's all about performance, that's the name of the game, Brady Kendall who? Remember MY name.'

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  1. Jennifer in California

    Yep, that was definitely funny. Wait, I think this is what my husband is turning into.
    Just recently ran across your site, love your photos. I grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills, spent a year on the north coast of CA; I’ve done my fair share of foraging, so I love that aspect of your blog. Toss up for my best foraged (in part) meal is between a king bolete pizza, and a chanterelle soup. I used to like to forage for wild onions, carrots and brodea tubers around my foothills, it made great stir fry.

  2. hehehe Very Funny. I love LonDonnnnnnnnnn

  3. Danny

    That girl on the right has got it goin on!

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