Pedalling The Americas For The Perfect Meal

Perhaps the greatest irony of the invention of the humble bicycle in 1885, is that as a machine invented for speeding life up, one of its greatest virtues today, in a age of motorways, combustion and a need for speed, is it comparatively slow and tranquil pace, that enabled its rider to observe the particularity of the people, places and flavors of the land it caries them through. Take into account that when in the saddle food is also your fuel, the bicycle has to be the definitive mode of transport for anyone setting out on a gourmet adventure.

In May 2005 I pedaled out from New York City embarking on a 15,000 mile, two and a half year pedal-powered gastronomic search of the Americas. Unfit and under-prepared, I turned my back on a London career in advertising, said goodbye to my girlfriend and packed up my panniers. My mission. To ride a bicycle to Rio de Janeiro in search of the Americas perfect meal.

Quickly having to adapt to life on the road, long days in saddle and short nights in my tent, I slowly but surely I followed a bizarre quest of unearthing the culinary highs and lows of the Americas. Becoming a slave to the hectic agenda of eating, breakfast lunch and dinner were my only significant appointments, as I kept the wheels turning on my way to my destination in Brazil.

Pedalling on my stomach and surviving on my wits, my trusty bicycle carried me from the culinary ‘Mecca’ of New York City across the great expanse of the American Midwest and into the wilds of the Canadian Rockies. It took me through the deserts of Mexico and into Central America towards the coffee covered mountains of Colombia. Together we crossed the snow-covered passes of the Andes before descending into the mosquito infested waters of the Amazon, entering Brazil and heading south along the coast all the way to Rio.

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