Pastel de Cameron. Rio Grande del Norte, Brazil.

Shrimp, salt, and oil. The three commodities that make Rio Grande del Norte one of the most prosperous states in North Eastern Brazil.

The coast line is spoilt with mile after mile of sun baked, windswept beaches but cycle in land a few miles and you are riding through a surreal moonscape of salt flats, shrimp farms and the occasional oil pump rhythmically pumping away as if in battle with some giant worm beneath the surface.

With huge temperatures and high winds the daily life in the small fishing towns is slow. But as the sun fades families come out of hiding and the cobbled streets become an extension of the living room. This is family time in Brazil, time for dominoes, cards, talking drinking and of course eating. Advertising their whereabouts by sending sweet smells into the cool evening air, by following your nose while pottering the lively streets it is never hard to find a make shift grill and something to eat. Here is a recipe for the delicious pastel de Cameron found in Gumare.


For the filling

  • 400g of fresh prawns peeled and divined.
  • Half an onion, chopped
  • 2 tomatoes, chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • A good glug of olive oil.

1. Add the tomato, garlic and onion to a liquidizers and blitz until smooth.

2. Pour the oil into a shallow pan and add the puree. Heat until simmering and then mix in your prawns. Cook for 5 -10 minutes until the prawns are cooked through. Set aside.

For the dough

  • 1 kilo of wheat flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1 table spoon of salt
  • Half a cup of oil
  • Half a cup of fresh milk

1. Mix all of the above ingredients and knead into firm dough and leave for five hours.

2. Take two handfuls of dough and roll into rectangles the size of a standard envelope and a few millimeters thick.

3. On one rectangle place a tablespoon of prawns.

4. Place the other rectangle over the top and seal with your fingers to form a pillow with the prawns inside.

5. Fry the pillow in hot oil for a minute or so until golden brown and puffed out. Leave to cool and serve.

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