B is for Bolivia – Eating London A to Z Video Post

The Old Kent Road. The first stop on the monopoly board and the second stop on our A to Z of London’s world of food. On a cold winters day we took lunch at Parrilladas del Sur, a typical Andean cafe in the heart of London’s East End.

I have never been to Bolivia, but having cycled in the Andes, I am fully aware the role these small family-run restaurants play in the life of those who live on the road in these mountainous South Americans countries.

For the truck drivers, salesmen, police and other weary men and women of the road they provide a home from home. Hearty, cheap, traditional home-cooking is heaped on top plates. A warm welcome is guaranteed and you never leave hungry. Parrilladas del Sur is no different and should ever be in need a some Bolivian sustenance this is a must stop.


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  1. These all are one of the fully role that they can provide so many things which is great to know about it. These all are mountainous in a south Africa.

  2. Yes, the food of Bolivia can be very interesting and Bolivians usually are very warm and welcoming.

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