Ouch! – What’s your worst cycling accident?

Anyone who rides a bike on a regular basis is likely to have bitten the tarmac at some stage in their saddle bound career.  My worst smash came while hanging on the back of a truck while cycling in the Andes in Colombia. I was forced to make a call between going under the wheels or going over the edge. I chose the edge. For more gory stories of cycling carnage click the link below, where Ben Thomas and his Guardian readers have added their horror stories to the Guardians new cycling blog.

What's your worst cycling accident? | Ben Thomas |
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  1. My worst cycling accident occured the night before I was to leave on my 4th long distance bike tour. It was raining, but I decided to take a quick spin around town on my road bike. I was going about 35 miles an hour when I tried to make a big left-hand turn on a yellow light. As soon as I started the turn, the bike came out from underneath me and I knew I was going down. I hit the pavement hard and my clothes ripped right off of me. I slid with my bike between my legs for about 60 feet… right into the gutter on the far side of the intersection.
    It didn’t hurt at first, however. I jumped right up and put my shirt back on, which was now around my neck. An SUV, which had been waiting for the green light at the opposite end of the intersection pulled up beside me and the driver leaned out his window and said, “Dude! That was the crazist thing I’ve ever seen!”
    I just laughed as he drove off. My wheels were bent, my bike was scratched, I was bleeding, and worst of all… I left the very next morning on a month-long bicycle tour from Chicago To New Orleans. It was the worst way I have ever started off on one of my tours. Ouch!

  2. The serious injuries that can be sustained in a bicycle accident have lead to a major fall in bike usage in Ireland in the past twenty years – a fact highlighted in “First National Cycle Policy”, which states in its introduction that the number of primary school children who use their bicycles to travel to and from school has declined by 83% since 1986

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