Open Your Eyes To London

Trawling the Sunday papers today, I was pleased this weekend to see our Major, Boris Johnson, advocating the joys of cycling in our great capital. As well as claiming to be a  "nightmare Tory pirate who's captured Labour's vital vessel' our swaggering major also said…

‘London has so much you miss by driving. Everyone should have a go at cycling. It opens your eyes up to the city.’

If you cant bare to be seen buying a copy of the Mail on Sunday you can read the full article here, accompanied by some very stylized photos that make the Old Etonian look like an extra from a Guy Ritchie flick. With Mr Johnson's film star good looks and Piracy claims Johny Depp had better watch his back. 

Boris on bike

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  1. harrie

    i sometimes see him going up whitehall on his bike, as i drive past. he never looks like he looks in that photo tho, he’s always much more flustered, hot and puffed out!

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