Joe’s No More Flats

Nobody likes fixing punctures. It's dirty work, you can never find the hole and invariably as soon as you have a nice stiff tube and your tire is back in place, the gentle hiss of escaping air lets you know you have to start all over again. 

But God willing road-side puncture could no be a thing of the past…

While cycle touring in the Holy Land I was lucky enough to come across Joe's No Flats. Normally  against filling my inter-tubes with a slime that leaves the inside of your tire looking like the Incredible Hulk got carried away with a copy of Men Only, this product is now running on The Hungry Cyclist's beast of burden and I have no complaints. Available in a ready filled tubes or as a handy self fill tube this product could not be easier to install.

No Flats Tube.

Don't ask me how it works, it seems to involve catalysts, chemicals and other things I have no wish of understanding, but take a peep at this video and see for yourself that Joe's No Flats might be worth putting on your ride.

And as if that wasn't enough these clever folk have also come up with a  selection of lubricants to ensure that you can spend more time in the saddle and less fiddling around by the side of the road wondering why you ever got on a bike.

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