London Cycle Courier Documentry

Ever wondered what is going through the minds of the post apocalyptic bike couriers ferrying important documents around the city like speeding bullets? Well think no further. Here is a fascinating  documentry about the lives and sadly deaths of the brave men and women who take to London’s streets every day come rain or shine as cycle couriers.

‘Riding my bike and getting paid for this – its fantastic’

‘Im happy with what Ive got and this gives me a sense of freedom’

In ten minutes the film tells us why these people do what they do. Who knows if writing books about cycling doesnt pay off for The Hungry Cyclist I might be forced to dust off the single speed, grow my hair and tale to the streets. As they its much easier to get in than to get out…

Written In The Streets from philip diprose on Vimeo.
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  1. Bike couriers ferrying important documents was really not that easy. Great documentation, I enjoyed watching the film. Thanks!

  2. I enjoyed the film really. Awesome documentation!

    • Many thanks for the kind words – Must make more videos. The A to Z is going well so do keep an eye on the project. Go Safe and keep cycling. tom

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