A Year in Burgundy building The Hungry Cyclist Lodge

The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land. ― Abraham Lincoln

The Hungry Cyclist Lodge has been a daydream of mine for many years. The plan; to create a relaxing base from where I could share with others one regions’ unique culinary culture by bicycle. A project that would amalgamate my love of travel, bicycles, good food, wine and the enjoyment of lifes’ simple pleasures.

Biting a large and abandoned bullet, in January this year I signed for an  near-derelict watermill in the wine-making village of Auxey Duresses in Burgundy, France. A well fostered ambition started to become a reality, and all I needed to do was turn it into The Hungry Cyclist Lodge,  a base for you to explore Burgundy, it’s wine, food, history and landscape by bicycle.

Based in a 17th century watermill, in the historic wine-making village of Auxey-Duresses and surrounded by over 3000 square meters of gardens and orchards,  my hope is that the lodge will provide exquisite accommodation, superb cooking and a calming atmosphere, from where you, your family and friends can explore one of Europe’s richest culinary cultures by bicycle in a time frame that suits you.

This year has been a challenge.  It has been 356 days of basic living, dust, digging, sceptic tanks, rubble, aching limbs, lose wires, blisters, cuts, a foreign language, paperwork, bills, worry and hard, hard work. But what an adventure!

Day by day the house and gardens have changed and each month I have jotted down a few words of what is going on here at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge, as well as journaling the whole project with photos. Below you will find a link to each months words and images, so do take a moment to explore the posts and if you like what you see why not come and stay in 2014.

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