The Hungry Cyclist Lodge Garden

Hidden in a fertile valley behind the Cote d’Or, Auxey Duresses, as well as being famed for its fine wine, is also renowned for its fruit trees. The Hungry Cyclist Lodge is based at Le Moulin Prunier (Plum Tree Mill) sits amongst 6000 square meteres of orchards and lawns. A gently flowing stream and mill race run through the property that is fenced in by ancient dry-stone walls.

My plans for the garden are simple and I want to maintain a style that is Burgundian and French. Making the most of the fertile situation and natural water supply, growing my own food will play a key part in the gardens design and well as making it the perfect haven to relax with a crisp glass of local chardonay after a bike ride and a good meal.

Left neglected for many years the garden now needs plenty of work. Follow my progress in the photos and posts below.