November 2013 at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge

A chattering or starlings wafts over a vineyard settling to feast on left over fruit. A weary winemaker lumbers down stone stairs into his cellar, while steep plumes of white smoke chimney over the a monochrome landscape.

November is a strange time in Burgundy. A bridge between seasons. Autumn is long and bright in Burgundy. Winter is bitterly cold and heavy with mist. At this time of year the hard work in the vines moves inside as the years harvest is vinified in ancient cellars. Cellar doors remain closed as wine-makers nurture a vintage of sweet grape juice into fine wine. In these large oak barrels, at exacting temperature, yeasts works busily converting sugar to alcohol, the bi-product of their efforts, CO2 easily detectable as you pass through the villages.

With the turning weather each day begins in cold darkness. The lighting of kindling in the stove is the first job to warm the house.  A prolonged heat leads to strong  cups of coffee which in turn lead to work on The Hungry Cyclist Lodge.

With the temperature dropping below zero the focus has been on sealing the house with insulation and finishing the plasterboard in the kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. The basement is slowly becoming a bike garage and with heavy frosts clearing the remains of vegetation in the garden, sketched designs and idle plans are conjured  for next seasons planting.

Below is a selection of thumb-nail images from a cold November at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge.

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