March 2013 at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge, Burgundy.

Another month has gone by here at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge. March in Burgundy remains cold but interspersed with a few rays of welcome sunshine spring is beginning to rear her pretty head. The first half of the month involved more toil in the garden and as the month marched on I also began hitting things inside too.

Abandoned for 20 years my main task was to get as much of the garden and orchards cut-back and cleared before the sap started rising again. My chainsaw has been a good ally and the bonfires have burned without stop for weeks. Trees have come down, logs have been split and at last there is some order as I try and return two acres of garden back to how they might have been when the mill was operational in the 18th and 19th century.

Inside the mill things have moved on apace. As with the garden it has been a job of clearing and cutting back before we start to put things back together again. I have become a regular at the local tip, there is dust every where and a few things have come back from the tip too. As with February it has been a hard month, with aching bones and plenty of blood and sweat being spilled, but as yet no tears and not a moment of regret. Life in Burgundy is GOOD!.

The month of my 35 birthday it has been a joy to have so many hard-helping hands pop-in to wield an axe or push a wheelbarrow. Damien, Baptiste, Mum, Dad, Brother Ed, Isla, Georgia, Isabelle, Nick, Richard, Pascal, Vincent and Cecile. A huge thanks to you all!

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