July at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge

It’s been hotter than the hinges of hell here in Burgundy, and not the best time to be working indoors building walls. But with the grand opening of The Hungry Cyclist Lodge now only a year away its full-steam ahead.

In the house the build advances at a steady pace. All new French oak windows and doors have arrived. As well as looking rather smart, these windows and doors also come fitted with all the modern bells and whistles that will ensure all guests remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

We have also had a delivery of what I now know is called sanitary ware (Baths, basins and loos to the layman) and stairs. While it will be a joy to wash my body and brush my teeth, the stairs are the real treat. At no time in the house’s history have you been able to walk through all three floors. This is about to change…

Following the wet spring and the current heat-wave here in Burgundy the garden is now in over-drive. The plants I have been adding in the past few months are taking on well, but alas the weeds are enjoying these perfect conditions too. The vegetable garden at THC Lodge is also thriving. Carrots, courgettes, cabbages, peas and potatoes have all been used in abundance on cycling picnics for my guests. Chilled courgette and mint soup followed by a cool glass of Saint Roman Premier Cru anyone?

With food and wine in mind I also had a visit in July from Nick Weston of Hunter Gather Cook. Next September we are plotting a wild food and wine week here in Burgundy, so if that whets your whistle do get in touch.

Well the garden awaits as does a day of chipping cement out of a wall. Im going to slip on the head phone and listen to the cricket. (not the insect) Do enjoy this months little update from The Hungry Cyclist Lodge, Burgundy and huge thanks to all who have popped in to help.


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