September 2013 at Th Hungry Cyclist Lodge

The summer is over. The evening light now hangs low over  tight bunches of grapes and leaves rustle and whisper against a cool wind that will soon be their downfall. Wine makers begin to wear their heavier clothes, last seen in April, and the faint odour of burning wood is just recognisable in the dampening evening air.

Autumn is here. In the garden the tomatoes hang low in weighty bunches, pulling on yellowing leaves enjoyed by fattening slugs. Vast pumpkins bask in the last of the season’s sunshine and in the morning plump beads of due cling to the ripe apples that remain on the trees, while the fallen are enjoyed by birds and bugs making a last feed before the cold sets in for good.

For the wine maker it is the calm before the storm. With Burgundy undergoing a late spring in 2013 the harvest has been pushed back until the first week of October. Alas we have no such luck at The HungryCyclist Lodge. Work must go on.

This month has seen seemingly never ending supply of  plaster board heaved into the house while a septic tank has been installed in the garden.  As well as giving me a chance to play in a digger and start on re landscaping, it also means three vast tanks have been buried in the ground.  These sylos will deal with all that is not wanted and filter it down to pure water that falls back into the river. All very clever and very expensive stuff, reminding me of what my good friend Richard says about plumbing

” Plumbing is simple… shit floats downhill and it’s payday on Friday”

On that not I am off. To enjoy images from September at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge click on the thumbnails below.