May 2013 at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge

The months are now racing past here in Burgundy. With the wettest spring on record no behind us, summer at last feels like it is here to stay.

An abundance or rain and then a sudden blast of heat have ensured that the vines in the village and my garden have exploded into life and the mower has not stopped spinning. The weeds are in ascendence and the idea of a goat, or perhaps an employee are not off the cards. But with early mornings and long evenings the work is getting done and the potential of the gardens and orchard are only too clear.

The cherry tree is heavy with fruit, fur-coated peaches have appeared and the roses are at last in bloom. The vegetable patch is providing and it is fair to say that May in Burgundy is stunning!

In the house the progress is slow but steady. More walls have come out and a couple more have gone up. The stairs and room layout has been confirmed and I have chosen a limestone from a local quarry to cover the floors. As ever my desire to get on with the “pretty things” has meant that local <a href=”″>brocante</a> have been attacked with vigor and I long for the day when I can start decorating.

With that in mind, the good news is The Hungry Cyclist Lodge has its first bookings for next year and so I can now put in writing that The Hungry Cyclist Lodge will be open on July 2014. No I need to get the thing built…

For a taste of what is going on here in Burgundy and some images of recent trips to Champagne and Paris for inspiration, have a peep at the images below. Click on them to enlarge and scroll through to the end.

See you in June