August 2013 at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge

August is a slow month, even in Burgundy. The grapes now hang heavy on the vines and for the wine makers there is little to do but wait.  Tight bunches of pinot noir and chardonnay ripen in the dappled sunlight of well-kept vineyards and the men and women who look after them take a well earned break to recuperate, repair and prepare for the rigours of the harvest.

At The Hungry Cyclist Lodge work has also slowed down, but progress is progress. Oak windows and doors have been put into place and the house is now wired for all your mod cons. In the garden the fruit is ripening on the trees and a bumper harvest of apples and peaches is predicted, while lunch time breaks are taken in the shade of the cherry tree eating tomatoes from the garden.

When not taking down walls and chipping away at mortar, I have been keeping busy leading gourmet cycling holidays in Burgundy and preparing picnics for guests.

With a bounty of produce available from my  vegetable garden, this years cycling picnics have been the best yet and numerous recipes for summer-cycling-salads will appear soon. Until then enjoy the images below or have a peep on The Hungry Cyclist Instagram page

Toot Sweet