December 2013 at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge

A dense white fog consumes everything. Days come and go but the mist remains. Village bells and passing cars break the complete silence and brittle shards of frost cling to the limbs of trees and leaves shrubs.

When the mist does lift the landscape is brilliant white under a crisp blue sky. Wine makers still tend to their crop, cutting away the branches that held last years’ vintage, before burning them in homemade braziers that billow white smoke high over the landscape. On days like these a morning on the bicycle is a perfect tonic. Sharp air fills  lungs, cheeks redden on steep down-hills and the hot stew and red wine that awaits at home have never tasted better.

Alas the ground is solid at this time of year so work in the garden is impossible. Instead it has been slow cold progress inside The Hungry Cyclist Lodge and a break for the holiday season could not have come sooner.

The Christmas cards have been posted, the presents wrapped. My first year in Burgundy has come to an end and as ever below are a selection of images taken in Burgundy and at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge in December.

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