Chef on Wheels – Jody Adams & The Hungry Cyclist Team Up In Provence

Cycling and good food are the perfect marriage, and if you are going to cycle and eat in France, Provence is the perfect destination. Sunshine, history, fine wine and Joie de Vivre come as standard in this famed corner of old Europe, but for the true gastronomes amongst you, DuVine Cycling & Adventure Company and Jody Adams have put together a luxury Chef on Wheels Bike Tour that promises to be a trip of a life time.

This summer I’ll be teaming up with acclaimed chef Jody Adams of Rialto Restaurant, Boston, to lead a gastronomic pedal-powered tour of Provence.  Cycling through endless  fields of sunflowers, lavender and asparagus. Climbing winding roads to vibrant farmers markets in medieval villages. Strolling through quite rural towns. These are the quintessential experiences of Provence and the best way to enjoy them all is from the saddle of a bicycle.


But as well as stunning cycling on this Chef on Wheels Tour , acclaimed chef Jody Adams and I will be introducing you to, and teaching you about  classic flavors and legendary dishes of Provence. Mother Nature is abundantly generous in this part of the world, and as a result Provençal cooking is naturally delicious due to the sun-kissed produce that is readily available. Aromatic herbs such as  thyme, rosemary, basil and sage grow plentifully here, and of course there are the biggest stars of all – garlic and olive oil!

On your Chef on Wheels Tour  you will get hands on expericence at using these famed ingredients to create Provencal classics such as tapenade,  aïoii, anchöiade and ratatouille as well as learning the fundematals of more complex dishes such as Bouillabaisse and perhaps the mouth watering Sisteron lamb.

Meeting locals, playing boule and enjoying freshly prepared gourmet picnics made with your choice of  local ingredients; Pairing classic dishes with the very best of Provencal wine, learning how to make olive oil and perhaps a little shopping.  If you or your loved-one has a passion for France, French food and cycling this is the holiday for you.  As with all DuVine Tours at the end of each day you will winding down in the regions most luxurious hotels. So if  you want to BIKE EAT DRINK SLEEP Provence with Jody Adams and The Hungry Cyclist get in touch today and  I look forward to drinking a glass with you this summer.

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