April 2013 at The Hungry Cyclist Lodge

It’s been a strange Spring this year in Burgundy. The mercury has sluggishly crept up the thermometer  but the end of the month has seen the worst rainfall in Burgundy for a generation. Living in a water mill this has caused its concerns, but the Burgundians of old knew what they were doing and as the rain and fallen and the water risen The Hungry Cyclist Lodge has stayed dry.

What sunshine we have had has forced the green shoots of 2013 to appear in both the vines and the garden of The Hungry Cyclist Lodge. In the vegetable patch the rhubarb, onion, garlic and leeks have all prospered; closely followed by tomatoes, broad beans, peas and radishes. All being well come the end of May the garden will be producing fine food and photographs and god willing a few cherries will ripen too?

Other wise the damp weather has slowed down work outside and I have moved indoors to work on the house. An oak staircase has been measured up and ordered. Walls have come down and and wall paper stripped. Months of tiresome demolition are drawing to a close and all being well May will see the beginins of the reconstruction. Decisions now need to be made about tiles, toilets and taps.

Other than weeding, digging and demolition, April has also seen the delivery of a wine press, flooding, a chicken hunt, a micro adventure, a few great finds at the local Brocante and Vide Grenier and a Burgundian oven. Huge thanks to Nick, Chris Colby, Tiggy, Stephanie Olsen, Keith, Sue, Cedric and of course Little Richard.

Enjoy the pictures below, click on the thumbnails to explore and see you next month.

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