From The Brocante

As well as riding my bicycle, eating and drinking wine I have a few other weaknesses. Gardening is one and the other is trawling brocante, vide grenier and ‘puces’ for treasure!

All three of these French events involve men and women with beat-up vans dumping their deceased relatives belongings on a table and doing there best to flog it.  Often organised by the local rugby team of ‘committee du fete’ these village events are a bargain hunters paradise. From long forgotten toys to nail guns and everything thing in between, you never now what you will find hidden in a box under a table.

Having been dragged around antique shops and brocante from an early age by my parents, I have now become happily addicted to these rambling, dust-covered bargain-hunting adventures. For a handfull of Euros a man can spend a day perusing the world’s unloved trinkets, drinking cold beer and eating chips. If there is a better way to spend a Saturday morning do let me know.

But its not all random buying here in Burgundy. With a cycling lodge to fill and a garden to tend to in the viallge of Auxey Duresses, my mission is to source as much as I can for the decor of The Hungry Cyclist Lodge from brocante.

Each month I’ll be posting my best finds here on the website so do keep and eye out and if you see anything you like you are welcome to make me an offer.