Lime Juice and Black Pepper Dipping Sauce – Cambodia

If you are currently suffering in a European winter the thought of firing up the BBQ is no doubt far from your find, but here in south east Asia a huge amount of cooking is done on small make-shift grills. Chicken hearts, whole fish, squid and intestine are all grill in abundance and served on bamboo skewers a host of dipping sauces.  One of the most simple and best can be found in southern Cambodia and is nothing more than fresh lime juice blended with ground black pepper. The quality of your pepper is going to make a huge difference to the end result and if you can get your hands on some Kampot pepper.

Mix the three ingredients in a small shallow dish and then dip your grilled meat or fish in just before it goes in your mouth. Whether it be a tender chunk of steak or a succulent piece of squid the simple flavors will blow your Lycra off!

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  1. Francis

    The Kampot pepper is white, no?

  2. kampot pepper comes in three colors. Most Kampot Pepper Farmers produce whole black peppercorns but they also produce smaller quantities of red and white peppercorns. For this recipe a mix might be special!

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